The New Beginning



Dear Members,


Persianhub team, every single one of them, including yourself made few years of very good friendships, some that evolved into life partners, some became business partners and formed very successful websites/businesses.  When you look back, you will realize, whenever, the power of a harmonic community gets to work, beautiful things starts to flourish.   The footprints of the effects of this powerful and healthy community are still all over the place.


Among many elements of success in Persianhub: Good timing, great team work, fantastic individuals, one stands much taller than others, and that is for sure your loyalty.  Although there were times we provided very good service, but at times, we couldn’t live to the standards of our members, but you never turned your backs. 


Those who have been with us long enough can testify that our goal has always been providing free, high quality, self-hosted video/audio entertainment.  Therefore, if at any times you felt you were not getting the kind of service that you deserved for your priceless loyalty, we were lacking resources to keep up.


Once again, Persianhub team is working on a new product for her loyal members.  We are working hard to bring back the new Persianhub, not just look, but also application to you very soon.  Meanwhile, please keep your ears open on Facebook as we will post updates there.